Annemieke van Rosmalen is an artist from the Netherlands.

For more than 20 years I live and work in Wassenaar. My atelier is an extension of my house. I was born in Boxmeer in the province of Noord- Brabant (1953). Whilst doing my A levels at secundary school in Venray, I got drawing lessons from the famous contemporary artist Charles Tangelder. He discovered my talent for drawing and painting and he encouraged me to pursue this as a career. His drawing lessons where the highlight of my week at school. From 1972 until 1977 I did my master degree in arts at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (The Royal Academy of Art) in The Hague. I was taught, amongst others, by Rien Bout, Willem Minderman, Wim Beuning en Auke de Vries. After I got my degree, I taught General Art and Drawing at Kalsbeek Secondary School in Woerden. Here I participated in a national trial as one of the pilot schools for the implementation of those subjects to be part of O and A level final exams. After ten years of teaching, I started to concentrate on oil and acrylic paint and aquarelles. Since 1996 I am an active member of the V.W.B.K (Wassenaar Art Society). Between 2000 and 2004 I was member of the board of the V.W.B.K..

  • Augustus
    acryl/linnen 95x140cm
  • Vloed II
    acryl/linnen 60x160 cm
  • Out of the Blue III
    acryl/linnen 60x170cm
  • Ochtendzee
    acryl/linnen 40x80cm
  • Pink Sky
    acryl/linnen 40x80cm
  • Zee I & Zee II
    acryl/linnen 160x90cm,160x60cm
  • Zee III
    acryl/linnen 130x90cm
  • Waddenlicht
    acryl/linnen 95x140cm
  • Duindoorn
    acryl/linnen 90x160cm
  • September
    acryl/linnen 70x180 cm (verkocht)
  • Zicht op zee
    acryl/linnen 60x160 cm (verkocht)
  • Strand I
    acryl/linnen 60x170 cm (verkocht)
  • De grote golf
    acryl/linnen 50x150 cm (verkocht)
  • Vloed I
    acryl/linnen 90x165 cm (niet beschikbaar)
  • Sa Foradada
    acryl/linnen 90x167 cm
  • Winterzon
    acryl/linnen 70x180 cm (verkocht)
  • Japanse Tuin I
    acryl/linnen 120x100 cm
  • Japanse Tuin II
    acryl/linnen 130x90cm
  • Detail Japanse Tuin II
    acryl/linnen 130x90cm
  • Japanse Tuin III
    acryl/linnen 140x95cm
  • Japanse Blauwe Regen I
    acryl/linnen 90x130cm
  • Japanse Blauwe Regen III
    acryl/linnen 120x60cm
  • Heide I
    acryl/linnen 120x60cm
  • Heide II
    acryl/linnen 90x120 cm (verkocht)
  • Ochtendnevel
    acryl/linnen 45x160cm
Year Location Description
2013 Raadhuis de Paauw, Wassenaar de  Wassenaarse Salon
2012 Gallery Het Cleyne Huys, Den Haag Zomeropstelling
2012 Gallery Het Cleyne Huys, Den Haag Kunstbeurs Naarden
2011 Gallery in de Molen, Wassenaar Exhibition
2009  ”
2008 Wassenaar de  Wassenaarse Salon
2007 Raadhuis de Paauw, Wassenaar  -
2006 Gallery Bianca in de Molen, Wassenaar  -
2005 Gallerywinkel Kleikunst, Wassenaar Exhibition ‘de Tulp’
2005 Gallery Bianca in de Molen, Wassenaar Members’ exhibition V.W.B.K.
2004 Gallery Bianca in de Molen, Wassenaar Jubileumtentoonstelling ‘Kunst en eten’
2003 Raadhuis ‘De Paauw’, Wassenaar  -
2003 Gallery Artissum, Den Haag  -
2003 Gallery Arti Forum, Voorburg  -
2002 Gallery Artisart, Maastricht -
2002 Gallery Bianca in de Molen, Wassenaar Members’ exhibition V.W.B.K.
2001 Gallery Bianca in de Molen, Wassenaar -
1999 Gallery Bianca in de Molen, Wassenaar Members’ exhibition V.W.B.K.
1998 Ziekenhuis Bronovo, Den-Haag -
1997 Gallery Bianca in ‘t Klooster, Wassenaar Members’ exhibition V.W.B.K.
1996 ‘de Ferronnerie’, Alphen aan de Rijn -
1996 Holland Art Gallery, Rotterdam -

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